Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fiction and Friction

By: Jakob Martin

It has been more than a year.
I haven't made love with anyone.
Fiction and friction appear.
Drinking my imagination.
I haven't cried over you.
I realize how petty that sounds.
But I could care for anyone.
You are the one I'd take you right here on the ground.

I love the sugar of skin.
I love the waste of a camisole.
I love the trouble we're in.
Feeling you shake like the rainfall.
I never lust over anyone.
No I wouldn't waste that much time.
But I could dream of anyone.
You are the one,
baby you are the one you are mine oh mine.

You are mine oh mine.
I never die over anyone.
Mine oh mine.
You are mine oh mine.

I'll be the word on your lips.
I'll put my weight on your hips.
We'll be the color of wine.
In the deep summertime.
And if it is good to be bad.
I'll be the worst you ever had.
Oh and I've got to draw the line,
baby don't stop until your mine oh mine.

Don't stop until you're,
don't stop until you're,
baby don't stop until you're mine, all mine.